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2014 is a year of sports... and photos! 

Honeymoon on Bali


How to capture the light and to bring certain magic into the pictures? Have a look at amazing photos from Bali to get the idea!


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That's how our photoshoots look like. Book a photographer and join us!

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So this is your first time in a city and you know absolutely nothing about it? Not a problem! Our photographers will be happy to show you all the best spots. And you can start choosing right now - the ‘photoshoot ideas’ page is where we gathered the most picturesque and interesting routes for you.

How it works

Do you want to make your vacation memorable? Choose your photographer. Choose a date and time and pay for your photoshoot. Turn up and get fantastic pictures. That’s it!  

Photographers registered with us speak different languages and amongst them you will find one who speaks your mother language. They will explain to you what to do, how to pose and where to shoot. Also we put together some photoshoot ideas on the ideas page – have a look for some inspiration!